J. Tech Sales® offers a wide range of raw materials for the Graphic Arts Market including emulsion polymers (conventional styrene-acrylic & alkali soluble), resin solutions, and wax emulsions. J. Tech Sales® portfolio of products for the Graphic Arts market may be used to produce Flexographic and Gravure Inks and Over Print Varnishes (OPVs) for direct and/or in-direct food contact. Our channel partners supporting us in the Graphic Arts market include:

  • DuPont® – Fluorosurfactants to reduce surface tension
  • Emulsion Systems® – Emulsion Polymers
  • Michelman® – Wax Emulsions and Resin Dispersions to improve leveling, scuff, scratch, slip, mar resistance
  • Peach State Labs® – Dioctyle Sulfosuccinate (DOSS)
  • Reitech® – Pigment dispersions
  • Troy Corporation® – Preservatives to protect against microbial and fungi growth in finished formulations