J. Tech Sales, L.L.C. is a specialty chemical distributor and manufacturer. Our broad-based technical knowledge and unique product range will help your company meet the most challenging technical issues our industries face today. Our sales team is comprised of highly technical, trained individuals. We have full analytical, quality control, research and development labs globally to help solve your challenges.


Within specialized markets and industries both domestically and internationally,
J. Tech Sales® is recognized as a specialty chemical distributor and manufacturer providing not only raw materials to customers but also outstanding sales and technical support. J. Tech Sales® is proud of our proven ability to adapt to ongoing changes in our market by strategically aligning with our channel partners and providing customers with products and support to successfully compete in the marketplace.


  • American Craft Spirits Association
  • American Distillers Institute
  • Consumer Specialty Products Association
  • Florida Citrus Processors Association
  • International Sanitary Supply Association
  • Juice Processors Association
  • Master Brewers Association of Americas
  • National Association of Chemical Distributors
  • National Correctional Industries Association
  • Renewable Citrus Processors Association